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This illustration was lying for over a year on my hard drive, I planned to use it in the context of large abstruse dialogue about quantum mechanics and multiverse architectonics, where I would have come to some logical explanations about why "Eridians" need help of Humans and other creatures with time perception, and how many variations of Ultimate BADASS Mordecai's right upper limb got stuck in singularity and why he's in no hurry to fix it, and why the deal he offered to "Eridians" is so dangerous... Well. No risk, no tequila! Jahaha…

But eventually I decided to not disturb you with mountains of scribbling which you probably won't even read, so I just show the picture and offer to listen to another music playlist!

By the way, Ultimate BADASS Mordecai sometimes refers to himself as "We" or "some of Us" for lulz.

And this Arch Guardian was named Anticulus (which means "against anus" in latin.)
Hey! Which of Mordecai's minds come to this idea?!


Dissolution of Eternity

I picked [NIИ] - 33 Ghosts IV as the main theme of soundtrack to this picture.

Let the nails impale your brain while I continue the tale about things, which for our perception of reality are no more than fiction.

We can recognize them as Overlord and his Wrath little ones during Trent Ranger's marvelous adventures in ancient catacombs of "Quake". 

I call these monsters "malen'kie Mordecaichiki" because of their similarity to Mordekai the Summoner (but technically, Mordekai the Summoner is similar to them).

In many worlds Mordecai reveals magic powers… (no matter the chicken or the egg)

But these little ones can't remember that once they were alive. There was nothing left in them that ever made them alive; no love, no sorrow; only sharp bones and wrath that tears them from the inside;
speechless and depersonalized, driven by residual instincts they punish everyone who dares to disrupt discipline of the underworld.

BEHOLD! – the link to the extended tale I wrote in context of Platonistic conception of the Archetype,
considered on specimen from Borderlands, who was doomed to horrible torments through the fault of irresponsible developers.

Mischievous Nature Spirit

Two Tribes
(from note dated 27.10.2015)

Along the Way I came across variety of communities with very opposed views on Borderlands. I've met a lot of haters from groups dedicated only to specific episodic part of setting, mainly inhabited by little girls whose place in a vat of acid who haven't even played the original game (and certainly won't understand this joke about little girls in a vat of acid); and where is hardly to find philosophers, travelers and lovers of aesthetics.
Not disdained to get dirty I watched over their perception and mindset for a while and right from live model wrote a classy concept about tribe of savages for BL3!

In that isolated tribe, which inhabits fetid wasteland poisoned with slag, there is a legend about the horrible monster – half four-legged scythid half man with tentacles instead of hair and soulful eyes whose pertly glitter violates the darkness – bloodthirsty henchmen of terrible Eridians, whose wicked calm and friendly speech drives people mad and makes them explode in a fit of rage. He descends from the mountains at night, rapes women, steals babies and eats them with all the giblets!

Every night, trembling with fear at the high wall of plastic, sentries stand in hope of meeting the monster with volley of lead, though he no longer appears in these dull lands...


Three hundred miles to the northwest, where dense crystalline forests stretched as far as the eye could see, among high cliffs with protruding architecture elements of the ruins of ancient alien civilization, inhabit another tribe, probably descended from the archaeologists who walked through the Arch on Promethea and were considered missing for a hundred years, until they came out on Pandora. They have close trade ties with the Slab Kingdom, Children of Helios and nomads of Balls-in-a-Head cartel.

In this technologically advanced tribe of planeswalkers, wearing emerald-purple clothes, there is a legend of wise Spirit of Nature, who takes the form of tall Truxican man to talk with people, but travels in form of a large white raven, whose wings shimmer like pearlescent in the starlight; and each feather in the wing is beautiful as good, reliable as the right word, lasting as wide song, wise like a magical tale, strong as mighty heroes and bright like the great dream...

Such different perceptions have formed in two tribes about the same "phenomenon".

By the way, I do not think he actually able to eat a human baby... he is very fastidious in this regard.

And by the way, I would not trust to screams of this sick woman, who has cut off her own face and was trying to drown stolen baby in the slag swamp to "resurrect Handsome Jack".

Any touch of faceless creatures poisons with critical dose of slag, but they have very stupid AI.

So, Mordecai and Horse masterfully dodging escaped with the "quest item" unharmed and most likely did not even understand that this repulsive creature was a woman.

And most likely in the second tribe Talon was taken as Mordecai's flight form... but who knows what this weirdo actually smokes while hanging out with Eridians…


Horse the scythid foal

By the way, Mordecai's riding scythid's name is Horse. Although in character he(Horse the scythid) is more like a very intelligent dog ... and mollusk.

Horse - is not only fast and hardy mount, but also reliable assistant in battles and ranching. He's able to execute commands, or rather consciously understands human speech (or rather, the mental impulses). But listens only to Mordecai (only with his original voice, of course), because Horse was raised by Mordecai from a tiny crawler.

If any other person would try to yell at Horse in such manner, Horse will pretend he's a stupid cattle for a while, and then will do everything wrong, or will simply splatter mucus in a face. Because Horse such a proud.

Favorite Horse's treats are rakk "honey" and human liver.

At sight of Moxxi, Horse usually makes a shrill whistling-farting roar, signifying "Hey Lady, I brought your spouse!", which usually provokes laughter of the rider and shameless excuses like "I haven't taught him this!"

If to scratch Horse's back correctly, he begins to sing (the sound resembles a bird's trill with elements of didgeridoo, jew's harp and grunting)

Horse also may extract livers of those who touched the forbidden areas without special permission.

By the way, originally Mordecai's scythid was named José, but when he grew up and transformed to four-legged runner and Mordecai took him to get acquainted with the inhabitants of Sanctuary, Kingdom of Slabs, The Great Arch, Tamaghis, Ba'dan, Yass-Waddah, Waghdas, Naufana, Ghadis, and representatives of the neighboring tribes; Someone of Volunteers mistakenly called  the scythid foal - "Horse".

And José liked a slight difference in the pronunciation of his name, as it symbolically evokes memory of ancient legends with the animals that was among the first (after dinosaurs) who tamed a human.

Some paintings featuring adult Horse, his elder bird-brother Talon and human papa Mordecai:
carpe diem

wind riders


mischievous nature spirit


Guardians of the garden
I’ve carved this chubby Mordecai sculpture from coquina in 2014-2015, now he guards my grandmother's house and eats squirrels.


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